Take the first step of your journey for becoming an Android Developer.
Learn the basics and advance of Android App development with our Android App Development course.

If you are a person of technology, the Android Development Course will help you to become a creator of technology. The course is designed for those who is interested in developing Android Apps. To take the course you don’t need any programming knowledge. If you’re using smartphone to explore web and chat with friends, then you’re the perfect student for the android development course.

By the end of Android App Development course, you’ll learn how to build an app from our basic to Advanced Android curriculum. In this course, you’ll work with step by step instructions to build a cloud-connected Android App. We ensure you learn the best practices of mobile development, and Android Development in particular.


  • Setup eclipse and android sdk (before lecture)
2First Android App
  • First android application
  • Run, debug, test
  • Parts of an android project
  • Background on Android ecosystem
  • Java Review Slides
3Layouts and UI components
  • Why layouts
  • Linear layouts - weights, centering
  • Text Field
  • Drop down
  • On/Off
  • Buttons
  • Relative layouts
  • XML Introduction
  • Layout Managers Graphic
  • AbsoluteLayout
4Interaction and life-cycle
  • UI Event queue
  • Callbacks - handling clicks
  • Activity lifecycle
  • Launching another activity
  • Passing data between activities (bundles)
  • MVC Graphic
  • Grid Layout
  • List View
  • Adapter for spinner
  • Drawables
  • Bitmaps - loading, resizing
  • Matrix - translation, rotation
  • Animation
  • Sound - MediaManager and SoundPool
7Menus and Preferences
  • Preferences
  • Menus was covered by guest lecturer
8More interactions
  • Touch
  • Drag and Drop
  • Keyboard input
  • Gestures
  • Multi-touch
  • Java threads overview
  • Why threads? UI locking example
  • Handler
  • Async task
  • Surface view


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