5 Effective Mobile SEO Android Apps

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July 2, 2018
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July 2, 2018

5 Effective Mobile SEO Android Apps

Mobile usage has increased rapidly in past few years. Reason being powerful devices, faster internet and affordable pricing of devices and internet services. This influenced Google to put mobile first agenda to enhance experience of those users who are using mobile device to access google search.

With the introduction of mobile web pages, SEO has gone mobile as well, with Mobile SERPs and traffic has become even bigger factors in SEO rankings. Mobile website speed factor will be playing a major role in rankings in 2018 after google speed update. Spending majority of time on mobile, you need SEO performance monitoring applications which are available on Google play store. There are many applications available but not all are of use. So, here we have listed out best 5 effective mobile seo android apps.

SEO Backlinks

Checking your backlinks is one of the essential tasks in SEO. Checking links at regular intervals ensures that you are having right amount of links that work for you and brings traffic to your website. SEO Backlinks is best app for android to keep record of your backlinks.

SEO Backlinks is a handy android application which allows you to monitor your backlinks just by simply putting your website in app. You can also download report of your backlinks through this app.


Apps such as trello allows you to schedule your daily tasta and helps you in working more efficiently. Trello is a productivity app which organizes your daily tasks. User interface is very quick and easy to understand.

Sinium SEO

Sinium SEO is a perfect SEO app for android devices. This is a complete package allows you to track SEO of website on the go. There are other similar apps available too but Sinium SEO is best out of them.

This app has 53 different SEO tools in it. So, it is a complete package of all SEO tools which you need. All are available on your phone. Enjoy this awesome application. You can do malware checking, DA checking, PA checking, grammer checking, link analysis and much more with this free app.


It is a keywords ranking tool. SERP Mojo allows you to monitor rankings of your keywords on google SERP (search engine result page). It provides you information from Google, Yahoo and Bing at one time. All you need to do is put your website URL and keywords in app.

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Results will take a few moments to load and then you’ll be having updated rankings of your website on selected keywords in app.

WebRank SEO Live

This is a real time SEO performance tracking app. WebRank SEO Live gives you a quick overview of your website. You just need to put URL of your blog / website in this app.

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