Email Marketing Best Practices in 2018

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July 2, 2018
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July 2, 2018

Email Marketing Best Practices in 2018

Do you know how you can get more customers sign ups, more engagement, optimize deliverability, and boost opens, conversion, clicks of your email campaigns? If you don’t know then here is the complete list of email marketing best practices in 2018. Email marketing has always been profitable and continues to provide potential ROI as compared to other channels of marketing.

Here are Top 5 Email Marketing Best Practices

Have you ever thought about the techniques and strategies companies uses to get outstanding results out of their email marketing campaigns. Here are 5 such best practices which you can implement in order to best ROI from email marketing campaign. These will help you in achieve your sales targets and company gorwth goals.

Don’t Forget About Mobile User’s Experience

Nowadays, people are highly preferring mobile device to check mails and reply on them. This is the reason why you need to be careful about performance of you mail on mobile devices. Almost all email marketing services are offering mobile responsive email templates which will adapt their size according to the mobile screen. It makes email completely visible to user on mobile without moving left or right. Also, it makes sure that the font will be clearly visible to user. Always make sure that the design/template of your email campaign must be responsive.

Incorporate Your Email Marketing Strategies with Social Media Platforms

Incorporating email marketing strategies with social media platforms can really help you grow your email marketing list and reach of email campaigns by upto 20%. Adding a short video in your mail campaign can increase user involvement in your email. By implementing this strategy, you can increase 19% open rate and CTR can go upto 65%.

Optimize Your Email Sending Frequency and Cadence

If you look at email sending frquency and revenue generated from it, you’ll get to know that threr is a positive bond between these two. This has been the reason why many companies has increased their frequency of sending mails. This practice can also result in loss. People may unsubscribe if they are not getting any relevancy or value from your mails. They may also mark your mails as spam.

Research says that if a person is getting too many irrelevant mails from a specific brand, then they tend to unsubscribe and mark your mails as spam. Make sure that your mails are sent to those who are your target audience and potential customers.

Creating and Maintaining Quality Email List

Do you know that a typical list reaches 25% less subscribers than the entire list which you are marketing to. This means you need to work on your list continously in order to maintain complete delivery to your audience. You need to manage a quality list by eliminating invalid subscribers. Keep your list filered with those people who are your potential customers. Maintaining a quality list is not an easy task. It’ll take time from your end and you need to do it in order to ensure 100% deliverability of your campaigns.

Email Personalization

Using subscriber’s name in subject line and mail content is one of the best way to get attention of subscribers. It also gives a sense of personalization to subscribers. This will also help you in showing right information and offers to the user to which you are sending mail.

There are numerious platforms and tools which can help you in doing email marketing. Few good tools are Mailchimp, Aweber, Getersponse. These all are having a free trial where you can evaluate their product. Hope, you got our point. Still having query, doubts, questions? Ask us in comments below.

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